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Puerto Sherry, December 21, 2017

Dear Mr. Bueche

On last May, the Spanish National Secretary of A-Class, Mr. Abdon, together with our board member and Spanish National Secretary of F-18 Class, Mr. Rafael Martin-Prat, have applied on behalf of our club Club Nautico Puerto Sherry for the organization of the A-Class European Championship 2020.

We have learnt that at the very last moment, the Catalunya Sailing Federation have presented another proposal for the organization of the captioned championship. With all the respects, to this sudden new competitor, I would like, on behalf of the Club and the Marina that I represent, to ask you if could be taken in consideration the following points which were mentioned when we applied to your good selves for being awarded the organization of your regatta but I would like to emphasize on them:

• Cadiz Bay is one of the best places in Spain for sailing and mainly for catamarans due the excellent wind and sea conditions, which we have all along the year. For your information we are even hosting several sailing Olympic teams during the winter

• Club Nautico Puerto Sherry is an affiliate club of Marina Puerto Sherry, which has one of the best sailing infrastructures in Spain for sailing with more than 11.500 sqm available for dry marina, parking for trailers, etc… and two hotels within the facilities. www.puertosherry.com and www.lassuitesdepuertosherry.com

• The Andalucía Sailing Federation has its High Performance Center for their Olympic team, in our facilities under an old agreement through which we also support the high level competition

• In addition to above, we are developing some additional services not only for the crews but also for their companions and or families that you can find in this report, , as well as the new Bid Book and a competitive offer, in reference to the movement of containers, to bring the fleet by container for the crews that might require this service.

• Another important point to consider is that, recently, in 2013, was held the European Championship in Barcelona, and we think that it would be nice and a opportunity, for the class, alternate between different venues in the country.

• Being aware that Catalunya region is closer to Europe than ours, Cadiz province holds one most important European port as Algeciras, and good international airports in the neighbourhood as Sevilla and Jerez. Also and through our logistic company, we hereby send you a competitive offer, in reference to the movement of containers, to bring the fleet by container for the crews that might require this service.

• It is also important to note that, Andalusia is a region political and socially very calm and peaceful, has a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere and his citizens are affable with all visitors due to their long-standing tradition of welcoming tourist.

• Last but not least, we have a long experience organizing regattas, where shoulder with shoulder with the Andalucía Sailing Federation we have organized from world championships, Olympic meetings, Europeans and of course National Championships since 1992 with Mundo-Vela

I would also like to emphasize before saying goodbye, that politically this regatta will be supported by our regional government, Junta de Andalucía and our home town Puerto de Santa Maria, very well known worldwide by its wine and holiday industry, which would give to the Championship the necessary certainty frame required for these type of events

Should we be awarded, I am pretty sure that the A-Class will have an experience that will last many years to forget. Being at your disposition for any additional information you might require, yours sincerely,

Fdo.: Valle de la Riva Lara.
Chairman Marina Puerto Sherry


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